Heritage Tree Project in Kent

The Kent Heritage Trees Project is a five year heritage lottery grant funded project that aims to celebrate and promote the value of heritage trees and to inspire Kentish communities about the wonder of their local heritage trees and woodlands.

Heritage trees are defined by the Forestry Commission as:

“old trees, wide trees, rare trees and trees with historical and cultural significance.”

Project aims

  • Promote the value of heritage trees in Kent through Tree Surgeon Maidstone staff
  • Record 10,000 Heritage Trees across Kent, and upload data onto a project website
  • Recruit 330 Heritage Tree Surveyors
  • Celebrate heritage trees through a range of events, activities and a creative arts
  • Provide people with new skills via Biodiversity and Heritage Tree Ecology courses.
  • Engage young people through a woodland based education programme
  • Help heritage trees towards gaining legal protection via Tree Surgeon Sevenoaks 
  • Plant 23000 new trees across Kent
  • Help communities look after and improve local green spaces
  • Run community open events to encourage people to feel passionate

The project is only 83% funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is seeking external support to keep the project running throughout 2017 and beyond. For more information about tree care and specifically Tree Surgeons in Kent, visit http://www.tree-surgeon.net/kent-tree-surgeons